It’s mute justice, not a mere coincidence and definitely not a moment too soon that Jody Wilson-Raybould has come out with her blockbuster memoir “Indian in the Cabinet-Speaking Truth to Power”.  Although PM Trudeau had considered the SNC-Lavalin affair over and done with prior to the 2019 election, remarkably surviving the scandal by the skin of his teeth given that Canadian media basically let him off the hook, with the publication of this book, Canadians are now aware that it’s far from over and if truth truly prevails it will serve to expose him as the partisan, manipulative autocrat he is and justifiably contribute to bringing down his government.

The mystery of Jody’s decision to not run again as an Independent in her Vancouver Granville Riding is now solved; she said that “Parliament has become toxic and ineffective” but we now know that Jody has devoted herself to a more important mission, namely the exposure of Justin Trudeau’s corruption as a pansy of a large Quebec, liberal-doner corporation and his blatant lack of respect for the office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, not to mention his disdain for her personally as a supposedly malleable Indian woman he had obviously put in place to do his bidding when necessary.  It’s amazing to me how quickly Canadians forget about recent history; Jody is seeing to it that history counts. 

Trudeau’s attempt to excuse SNCL from a criminal prosecution trial for the alleged bribery allegations the company was charged with regarding contracts in Libya and have them go through the process of a Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA) was targeted at Jody in her role as Attorney General via his minions in the PMO and when that failed Michael Wernick, Clerk of the Privy Council, the highest level civil servant in the federal bureaucracy, was induced to try and get Jody to override the decision of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and instead bring on a DPA. The office of DPP was established by the Harper government to make prosecutions more transparent and create a separation from the potential political influence of the Attorney General.  The AG can override a prosecutorial decision though and that’s what Trudeau was trying to get Jody to do.

Jody taped the conversation with Wernick which resulted in his resignation and Trudeau’s castigation of Jody saying that her tape was “unethical”. In my mind her action was smart, damn smart; if you are a little mouse being cornered by a bunch of rats you do what you must to survive. If investigations by the RCMP had turned up evidence of obstruction of justice by Trudeau and his team, then anything Jody might have said could have implicated her and so she was careful in her duly recorded chat with Wernick to maintain her integrity.

Throughout the affair, Trudeau had maintained that his only objective was to protect Canadian jobs and he stayed with that line over and over again. During the Parliamentary committee review of this scandal Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party, came out categorically stating that her office’s research showed that no jobs were at risk because SNCL had billions worth of government contracts already approved and thus any conviction would not have affected jobs at all. Ironically the media did not pick up on that which I found strange. Additionally, I happened to catch an interview on BNN with SNCL’s CEO, Neil Bruce, and when asked he confirmed that indeed no jobs were at risk. Shortly after that interview, he was terminated by the SNCL board and again the media hardly picked up on that. It would seem that CEOs of liberal-donor corporations must never expose a Liberal PM if they value their job.

It’s timely that Jody Wilson-Raybould’s censorious revelations have given Canadians a truthful accounting of the manipulative skulduggery of Justin Trudeau’s inner circle throughout this affair and blown away the benignity of Trudeau’s stance. Her travails through all of this should be taken to heart by all of us. Realpolitik works in strange ways, sometimes people pay attention, sometimes they don’t. If nothing else this will bring to fruition in no uncertain terms the old adage that “hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn”. It smells funereal; could it be the final nail in Trudeau’s coffin, we’ll see?

Ron P. Alton