It’s now 2022, two years into the Covid-19 pandemic, and officialdom is still in chaos. The primary lesson learned is being ignored i.e. the falsity that lockdowns across the board actually accomplish the intended objective of saving lives. The WHO preached against the practice based on history but Canada seemed intent on following China’s draconian lead even to the extent of idiotic curfews in Quebec. We know lockdowns cause major strains on families and play havoc with the economy; and we know they are futile since jurisdictions that didn’t lock down have mortality rates no worse than Canada and some lower, Sweden for example at 1.2% compared to 1.5% for Canada.

One might ask why are we into this lockdown insanity right now in spite of the facts?  In my opinion, apart from the politics, it’s for one reason only, the paucity of ICUs in our hospitals. Canada ranks 10th in the listing of OECD countries with only 10 ICU’s/100K population; the US is in top place with 35 which says something about their 2-tiered healthcare system; they do have Medicare for seniors and Medicaid for the handicapped that few Canadians seem to realize when bragging about our system. Our medical teams have been quite loud about the ICU problem and pushed for lockdowns even though there’s no evidence that the practice reduces hospitalizations. Despite this governments at all levels accede to the pressure so the perception is created that they are taking useful action. It’s all purely political but at the same time authoritarian and that’s dangerous; after all this isn’t communist China.

So given the ICU situation do we know how we got here? We should if we pay attention to recent history. If we go back to the Chretien government of the 90’s we see that the budget was balanced by way of huge health transfer cutbacks to the Provinces, many billions of dollars that have never been put back into the system. Premiers have been decrying that but Trudeau hasn’t listened; his answer to the pandemic was to borrow over $400 billion and write cheques on that borrowed money paying people to stay home and not work in support of harmful, useless lockdowns. Muddleheadedly, under Chrystia Freeland’s direction, this is still happening; and we definitely need to get unshackled from this policy.

But there’s a big “what-if” in my mind because if only a small portion of that wasted money had been put towards ICU creation we wouldn’t be facing this dilemma. I’m told that setting up an ICU costs between $25-30,000, three times the cost of regular beds; and given that hospital construction doesn’t happen overnight the way through this in the short term in my view would have been the development of ICU portables. Doing this would have created thousands of jobs and could have doubled our ICU count by now. Canada is well endowed with industrial expertise in this area; ATCO trailers for example are found in forestry, mining and oil patch camps across the country as well as add-ons to schools. It’s still not too late for such action but what a pity so much money went and is still going down the toilet.

People are fed up; they’re sick of sleeping with one eye open; the catastrophism has to end. The portmanteau that best describes what we’ve been through is “fear-mongering”; and it brings to mind FDR’s philosophy when implementing his “New Deal” job creation projects during the Great Depression when he said to Americans, “the only thing we should fear is fear itself”, indeed!

Ron P. Alton


It’s mute justice, not a mere coincidence and definitely not a moment too soon that Jody Wilson-Raybould has come out with her blockbuster memoir “Indian in the Cabinet-Speaking Truth to Power”.  Although PM Trudeau had considered the SNC-Lavalin affair over and done with prior to the 2019 election, remarkably surviving the scandal by the skin of his teeth given that Canadian media basically let him off the hook, with the publication of this book, Canadians are now aware that it’s far from over and if truth truly prevails it will serve to expose him as the partisan, manipulative autocrat he is and justifiably contribute to bringing down his government.

The mystery of Jody’s decision to not run again as an Independent in her Vancouver Granville Riding is now solved; she said that “Parliament has become toxic and ineffective” but we now know that Jody has devoted herself to a more important mission, namely the exposure of Justin Trudeau’s corruption as a pansy of a large Quebec, liberal-doner corporation and his blatant lack of respect for the office of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, not to mention his disdain for her personally as a supposedly malleable Indian woman he had obviously put in place to do his bidding when necessary.  It’s amazing to me how quickly Canadians forget about recent history; Jody is seeing to it that history counts. 

Trudeau’s attempt to excuse SNCL from a criminal prosecution trial for the alleged bribery allegations the company was charged with regarding contracts in Libya and have them go through the process of a Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA) was targeted at Jody in her role as Attorney General via his minions in the PMO and when that failed Michael Wernick, Clerk of the Privy Council, the highest level civil servant in the federal bureaucracy, was induced to try and get Jody to override the decision of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and instead bring on a DPA. The office of DPP was established by the Harper government to make prosecutions more transparent and create a separation from the potential political influence of the Attorney General.  The AG can override a prosecutorial decision though and that’s what Trudeau was trying to get Jody to do.

Jody taped the conversation with Wernick which resulted in his resignation and Trudeau’s castigation of Jody saying that her tape was “unethical”. In my mind her action was smart, damn smart; if you are a little mouse being cornered by a bunch of rats you do what you must to survive. If investigations by the RCMP had turned up evidence of obstruction of justice by Trudeau and his team, then anything Jody might have said could have implicated her and so she was careful in her duly recorded chat with Wernick to maintain her integrity.

Throughout the affair, Trudeau had maintained that his only objective was to protect Canadian jobs and he stayed with that line over and over again. During the Parliamentary committee review of this scandal Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party, came out categorically stating that her office’s research showed that no jobs were at risk because SNCL had billions worth of government contracts already approved and thus any conviction would not have affected jobs at all. Ironically the media did not pick up on that which I found strange. Additionally, I happened to catch an interview on BNN with SNCL’s CEO, Neil Bruce, and when asked he confirmed that indeed no jobs were at risk. Shortly after that interview, he was terminated by the SNCL board and again the media hardly picked up on that. It would seem that CEOs of liberal-donor corporations must never expose a Liberal PM if they value their job.

It’s timely that Jody Wilson-Raybould’s censorious revelations have given Canadians a truthful accounting of the manipulative skulduggery of Justin Trudeau’s inner circle throughout this affair and blown away the benignity of Trudeau’s stance. Her travails through all of this should be taken to heart by all of us. Realpolitik works in strange ways, sometimes people pay attention, sometimes they don’t. If nothing else this will bring to fruition in no uncertain terms the old adage that “hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn”. It smells funereal; could it be the final nail in Trudeau’s coffin, we’ll see?

Ron P. Alton     


Here we go again with a completely unnecessary election. It will waste millions of taxpayer dollars at a time when every penny needs to be wisely accounted for and put to proper use in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, helping get Canadian jobs back to normal and augmenting our health system that has shown to be border-line inadequate during these horrendous times.

And why are we being dragged into this at the whim of Justin Trudeau? Yes, it’s legal under our system but it smacks of the most arrogant power grab imaginable. The main reason is he thinks he can win a majority government based on the advice of his handlers as they assume the pandemic has clouded the fiscal mismanagement, egalitarian phoniness and outright corruption that has been exposed during his term as Prime Minister. There are too many things to list here but as an executive summary, you could focus on his phony feminism exposed by his brutality towards Jody  Wilson Raybould, his cringe-worthy hugging of half-naked women for photo ops during Pride Parades giving aphrodisiacal pleasure to himself and pundits,  his conflict of interest convictions,  his invocation of the carbon tax that is creating hardships for hard-working families while doing absolutely nothing to curb pollution and his plan to waste over two billion dollars to compensate law-abiding firearm owners for the theft of their hunting rifles now under prohibition order.  Just let me say that as he rides his hobby-horse in his daddy’s name it’s obvious that no genetic aptitude transfer has come down the line.  Einstein’s quote comes to mind – “the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits”!

I liked Jagmeet Singh’s tactic when he sent a letter to Governor General  Mary Simon recommending that she not go along with Trudeau’s request for dissolution of Parliament to bring on an election as it wouldn’t be ethical in the middle of a pandemic with two years to go in his term. It didn’t work but it made sense. I recall when GG Michelle Jean didn’t go along with the request of the “three stooges” (Dion, Layton and separatist Duceppe) that tried to implement a coup and replace PM Harper because she agreed with Mr. Harper that with a separatist holding the balance of power it would not have been in the interests of Canadian unity.  Governors General have some authority in this area but seldom use it under our system.

There’s no limit to the depths to which neo-Marxists will stoop to hold onto power. Bribery, the totem of political vulgarity, oftentimes rears its head. Today’s election call bears witness to this tactic as I received my timely offer in Friday’s mail; it reads as follows:

“Service Canada is pleased to inform you that you will be eligible to receive a taxable $500 lump sum payment issued to all OAS recipients who will have reached age 75 as of June 2022. This payment is a temporary measure until a 10% increase is made to regular monthly OAS payments in July 2022, which is part of the Government of Canada’s commitment to strengthening seniors’ financial security. This lump sum payment will be issued to you in the same manner as your OAS monthly benefit entitlement, but will be sent as a separate deposit or cheque during the week of Aug. 16, 2021.”

Imagine that, a $500 buck gift a year ahead of meeting the age criterion and this on top of the $300 OAS top-up paid out in 2020. That’s perfect timing by Trudeau to “buy votes”, just two days ahead of his election call. If you want a modern definition of Liberal Party bribery look no further.  It’s time to pull back the curtain on Trudeau’s corruption and woke-identity politics. Too many Canadians don’t seem to realize we are being manipulated; they should get their heads out of the sand and laser-focus on reality.  I do believe that is happening quietly and largely under the radar of the media and pollsters. We need a major overhaul in Ottawa and I think Trudeau will get what’s coming to him given that I predict the polls are creating the illusion of consensus!

Ron P. Alton


The government of Ontario has announced a Covid-19 prohibition order on Crown Land camping; it did the same thing a year ago and I don’t think that once it was lifted, right up to now, there has been one Covid-19 case traced back to anyone camping on Crown Land. So it begs the question, what’s the problem? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the Ford Government should be voted out like some people have opined from their hollow political pulpits; this is no time for political pontificating; we’re all in this together and we need sensible dialogue to find solutions. I could go on at some length at how long it took voters to wake up and get rid of the McGuinty-Wynne liberals that did their best to ruin this Province but this note isn’t about that. This government like all others across Canada is cow-towing to the epidemiologists, the group truly running the show, and we’re all suffering overkill protectionism based on their advice. By all accounts the principal cause of virus spread has been traced to irresponsible group party activities in city environments; common sense outdoors folks are not part of that badassery crowd. 

The walleye opener is coming up in a month and many families have plans for remote Crown land expeditions where nothing could be safer. It’s the one respite they’ve been looking forward to as an escape from months of lockdowns, many being city folks whose kids have suffered irreparable isolation stress so families are more than anxious to get away for some quality time. How many drug overdose suicides of teenagers, mainly girls, will it take for all Provincial governments to understand the depth of this despair leading to tragic happenings that have been hellishly unreported, if not swept under the rug. In my family circle alone we are aware of three such tragic losses in families we know in southern Ontario. Where have the health authorities been in not divulging these horrendous side effects to the lockdowns, perhaps being deliberately obfuscatory?

Crown Land camping represents a unique and very safe avenue to alleviate stresses during these difficult times and the government should be opening these doors not closing them. So I suppose they’ll have Conservation Officers out there laying charges, the courts giving their interpretation of “camping” and imposing fines thus burdening an already overworked and understaffed CO corps. Take your trailer or tent out and park it in the middle of nowhere and you get fined so don’t take it and sleep in your truck as that’s not “camping”, or is it? Day use fishing and hunting is OK but sleeping overnight isn’t. Think about that, it’s a new definition of illogical! So what happens to bear hunting outfitters that have cabins on Crown lands for their hunters, is that “camping”? Or if you have your own fishing camp back in the bush on  Crown Land authorized under a Land Use Permit or lease, is that camping? And how about a trapper back in his remote cabin on Crown Land taking care of business?

Is there really any risk difference between an outdoors person taking a break in his or her cabin on deeded land in a remote forest area compared to a camper in a wilderness Crown Land setting? Prohibitions such as this are not management actions; they are a cop-out. A management strategy on the other hand might be the setting of guidelines spelling out minimum distances between tents or trailers within a Crown Land access point on a  lake much like primitive campsite arrangements in some Provincial Parks. As in the case of blanket lockdowns of perfectly Covid-manageable small businesses this situation has gone over the moon with governments listening to recommendations from outdoors-uneducated-folks in the health field, the unelected-powercrats who view the world through the lens of crowded city environments totally out of context with Crown Land forest areas.

We’ve been with this pandemic for over a year so by now we should have learned how to live with it, and prohibiting Crown Land camping is not part of the answer. Some jurisdictions such as Sweden have not gone into lockdowns and their mortality numbers aren’t any worse than some that have; they trust their citizens to be smart and truly understand the horrendous side effects of lockdowns. Outdoorsy folks are not shmucks nor are we prone to getting shmacked in a party atmosphere if health protocols demand extreme care; it’ll be time for celebration once this pandemic is licked. What we all need now is the emergence of a true meritocracy via the melding of the political and health authorities spearheading a common-sense path forward based on good science.

Ron P. Alton 

Covid-19 Lockdowns Causing Much Harm

It’s now pretty obvious that billions of taxpayer dollars have been poured down the drain unnecessarily primarily under the federal liberal handouts almost doubling Canada’s all-time debt, expenditures that could have been avoided with more common sense management of this pandemic at both the federal and provincial levels.

There’s no question the lockdowns that include school closures are overkill to the extreme. A couple of examples in the USA are Florida and S Dakota that never locked down, same as Sweden, and none of their case counts/100K population are any worse than jurisdictions that went into severe lockdowns and better than many such as Ontario, California and Michigan.

From all the evidence published there hasn’t been any measurable tracing of cases going back to classrooms. In the case of schools, the unions are partly to blame not just the government and the same can be said for all public sector unions with nary a suggestion to cut back the salary budgets of politicians and public servants to help pay for the largess.

In terms of managing protocols, a small business can do that much better than a Walmart so why have the government been so stupid as to leave big box stores open that attract huge crowds and closed small businesses that only cater to small numbers of clients that can easily be managed under strict protocols. This is exactly what’s going on in dental and medical clinics with no problems, add to that our hospitals and vet clinics. This lockdown mentality is ass-backwards!!

How many cases of spousal abuse and teenager suicides will it take for governments to get it not to mention the bankruptcies of small family-run businesses wreaking havoc with these families and the economy at large.?

Ron P. Alton