Dear Premier Ford:

The actions by the UK and Denmark outlined in the attached report wherein Covid jabs have now been “prohibited” for teenagers, young children and those under 50 yrs of age have largely been hidden by the media but it’s time to let the cat outa the bag. How long will it take before your government


It’s now 2022, two years into the Covid-19 pandemic, and officialdom is still in chaos. The primary lesson learned is being ignored i.e. the falsity that lockdowns across the board actually accomplish the intended objective of saving lives. The WHO preached against the practice based on history but Canada seemed intent on following China’s draconian

Covid-19 Lockdowns Causing Much Harm

It’s now pretty obvious that billions of taxpayer dollars have been poured down the drain unnecessarily primarily under the federal liberal handouts almost doubling Canada’s all-time debt, expenditures that could have been avoided with more common sense management of this pandemic at both the federal and provincial levels. There’s no question the lockdowns that include