Dear Premier Ford:

The actions by the UK and Denmark outlined in the attached report wherein Covid jabs have now been “prohibited” for teenagers, young children and those under 50 yrs of age have largely been hidden by the media but it’s time to let the cat outa the bag. How long will it take before your government does the right thing and passes legislation to FORBID any org, especially those run by out-of-control bureaucrats such as the exec of U of Western and U of T, some hospitals and sports orgs such as Ont Minor Hockey from mandating Covid jabs.
I’ve been a member of the Conservative Party of Ontario for many years and a loyal contributing sponsor but my faith in what was once a sound, common-sense political establishment is rapidly waning as I watch students, youth in sports and nurses being sacrificed on the altar of Covid pseudo-science while your government fails to take responsible action in support of a citizen’s right to decide what goes into their body.
No org, ever, should have the authority to force anybody to take an experimental injection fraught with well-known side effects such as blood clotting and myocarditis and yet your government is standing by and allowing this to happen. For God’s sake Premier get out of Trudeau’s straw once and for all; a public apology admitting that you’ve been duped isn’t necessary but please get your Caucus together and make a decision NOW to end this madness as with each passing day of inaction your credibility is going downhill fast!

Ron P Alton