Here we go again with a completely unnecessary election. It will waste millions of taxpayer dollars at a time when every penny needs to be wisely accounted for and put to proper use in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, helping get Canadian jobs back to normal and augmenting our health system that has shown to be border-line inadequate during these horrendous times.

And why are we being dragged into this at the whim of Justin Trudeau? Yes, it’s legal under our system but it smacks of the most arrogant power grab imaginable. The main reason is he thinks he can win a majority government based on the advice of his handlers as they assume the pandemic has clouded the fiscal mismanagement, egalitarian phoniness and outright corruption that has been exposed during his term as Prime Minister. There are too many things to list here but as an executive summary, you could focus on his phony feminism exposed by his brutality towards Jody  Wilson Raybould, his cringe-worthy hugging of half-naked women for photo ops during Pride Parades giving aphrodisiacal pleasure to himself and pundits,  his conflict of interest convictions,  his invocation of the carbon tax that is creating hardships for hard-working families while doing absolutely nothing to curb pollution and his plan to waste over two billion dollars to compensate law-abiding firearm owners for the theft of their hunting rifles now under prohibition order.  Just let me say that as he rides his hobby-horse in his daddy’s name it’s obvious that no genetic aptitude transfer has come down the line.  Einstein’s quote comes to mind – “the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits”!

I liked Jagmeet Singh’s tactic when he sent a letter to Governor General  Mary Simon recommending that she not go along with Trudeau’s request for dissolution of Parliament to bring on an election as it wouldn’t be ethical in the middle of a pandemic with two years to go in his term. It didn’t work but it made sense. I recall when GG Michelle Jean didn’t go along with the request of the “three stooges” (Dion, Layton and separatist Duceppe) that tried to implement a coup and replace PM Harper because she agreed with Mr. Harper that with a separatist holding the balance of power it would not have been in the interests of Canadian unity.  Governors General have some authority in this area but seldom use it under our system.

There’s no limit to the depths to which neo-Marxists will stoop to hold onto power. Bribery, the totem of political vulgarity, oftentimes rears its head. Today’s election call bears witness to this tactic as I received my timely offer in Friday’s mail; it reads as follows:

“Service Canada is pleased to inform you that you will be eligible to receive a taxable $500 lump sum payment issued to all OAS recipients who will have reached age 75 as of June 2022. This payment is a temporary measure until a 10% increase is made to regular monthly OAS payments in July 2022, which is part of the Government of Canada’s commitment to strengthening seniors’ financial security. This lump sum payment will be issued to you in the same manner as your OAS monthly benefit entitlement, but will be sent as a separate deposit or cheque during the week of Aug. 16, 2021.”

Imagine that, a $500 buck gift a year ahead of meeting the age criterion and this on top of the $300 OAS top-up paid out in 2020. That’s perfect timing by Trudeau to “buy votes”, just two days ahead of his election call. If you want a modern definition of Liberal Party bribery look no further.  It’s time to pull back the curtain on Trudeau’s corruption and woke-identity politics. Too many Canadians don’t seem to realize we are being manipulated; they should get their heads out of the sand and laser-focus on reality.  I do believe that is happening quietly and largely under the radar of the media and pollsters. We need a major overhaul in Ottawa and I think Trudeau will get what’s coming to him given that I predict the polls are creating the illusion of consensus!

Ron P. Alton