Covid-19 Lockdowns Causing Much Harm

It’s now pretty obvious that billions of taxpayer dollars have been poured down the drain unnecessarily primarily under the federal liberal handouts almost doubling Canada’s all-time debt, expenditures that could have been avoided with more common sense management of this pandemic at both the federal and provincial levels.

There’s no question the lockdowns that include school closures are overkill to the extreme. A couple of examples in the USA are Florida and S Dakota that never locked down, same as Sweden, and none of their case counts/100K population are any worse than jurisdictions that went into severe lockdowns and better than many such as Ontario, California and Michigan.

From all the evidence published there hasn’t been any measurable tracing of cases going back to classrooms. In the case of schools, the unions are partly to blame not just the government and the same can be said for all public sector unions with nary a suggestion to cut back the salary budgets of politicians and public servants to help pay for the largess.

In terms of managing protocols, a small business can do that much better than a Walmart so why have the government been so stupid as to leave big box stores open that attract huge crowds and closed small businesses that only cater to small numbers of clients that can easily be managed under strict protocols. This is exactly what’s going on in dental and medical clinics with no problems, add to that our hospitals and vet clinics. This lockdown mentality is ass-backwards!!

How many cases of spousal abuse and teenager suicides will it take for governments to get it not to mention the bankruptcies of small family-run businesses wreaking havoc with these families and the economy at large.?

Ron P. Alton