In the annals of Canadian general elections, 2015 will go down as an original. There are many reasons for this but some stand out more than others; these are my top picks:

  1. ADVANCE NOTICE OF ELECTION DATEFor the first time in our history we have a Prime Minister with the courage and commitment to put his government on the line four years in advance with a firm election date. This action creates a vulnerability to any standing government unlike anything we’ve ever seen in recent times because it puts everything up for grabs despite what might be on the table to cause embarrassment. It’s a “damn the torpedoes” approach that’s refreshing and courageous on the part of Mr. Harper.

    Much like the USA presidential race this policy gives the electorate complete freedom to be prepared with no surprise election call; no process could be more democratic and transparent as most would agree. Despite this the Liberals and NDP chose to find fault with the timing of the election writ under the ruse that the cost of a longer campaign was a waste of money; in other words they won’t acknowledge the needs of the electorate to have ample time to weigh in on the policies of the day, so for them, Canadians were not worth it. They like to talk the hollow “change word” in almost every commercial break but the joke’s on them as Mr. Harper has walked the talk having already wrought historic change with this move.

  2. MORAL TURPITUDE TRUMPS POLICY DISCUSSIONI cannot recall ever witnessing such disgraceful, personal vitriol being weighed on a standing Prime Minister by his opponents during an election campaign as the disgusting monikers being attributed to Mr. Harper by Messrs. Mulcair and Trudeau. Instead of laying out policy options to intelligently debate the choices they see for the electorate they continually embellish everything they say with this nonsense which only serves to personify their moral turpitude with their baseless hyperbole. Spewing forth accusations such as “the politics of fear and division”, “fear- mongering” and other caveman evils they obviously don’t have enough grey-matter between their ears to see the irony in their epithets of grandeur which in effect casts aspersions on their own character. Worse, they use this strategy because they assume the average Canadian is an idiot that cannot see through their nonsense and so conclude that their poisonous personal characterizations will be accepted as fact by what they consider to be the mindless masses that will fall in line as in the Pied Piper syndrome.

    We’ve even witnessed some Cabinet Ministers similarly abused such as when Mulcair bad-mouthed the attributes of Mr. Oliver on his appointment as Finance Minister after the tragic death of Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. If a conservative bullied a liberal with such personal characterizations you’d never hear the end of the caterwauling from their insider ranks , lavishly embellished by the patronizing Canadian Media Party. This media disease we suffer knows no bounds as we’ve witnessed, for example, with the silly pro-niqab propaganda machine that even saw the CBC show press cartoons on this debate on the National News; I guess the fear of the Mansbridge team was that most folks don’t read newspapers any more so they need Canadian taxpayer- funded “ TV news” to show em the way. As well, sycophantic liberal columnists excel at hostile outbursts on a personal level as exemplified by liberal backroom- boy Warren Kinsella’s columns attacking former Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford. Liberals and their far-left socialist cousins constantly demonstrate that they excel at what I’d call the politics of inimical debate based purely on ideology, never facts. And like the “I never had sex with that woman” Clintonism, their standards are only as pure as they chose to define them!

  3. COALITION NONSENSENever have we heard more gobbledygook spewed out by the “Canadian Media Party” on the possibility of a coalition government. Of course wannabe PM , Thomas Mulcair, is the prime mover of this bafflegab as when the writ was dropped he took his selfie and his mirror image, smarmy smile wore the crown. He feeds the media frenzy on this notion with his vicious, personalized “anybody but Harper” mantra, which is always strictly personal and never based on policy analysis. To his credit young Trudeau agrees with Prime Minister Steven Harper‘s assertion that such a move would be contrary to Canadian parliamentary tradition since any minority voted in has the right to form the government and do their best to make Parliament work.

    The argument that has been put on the table by the socialists and various NGO’s asserts that since 60% or so of the voting public typically doesn’t vote for the Party forming government in Canada it should be legal for the immediate formation of a “coalition” of the other Parties with a higher aggregated percentage of the “popular vote” thus ousting the Party that actually won the election; this is pure stupidity. They give no weight at all to the high percentage of eligible voters that didn’t bother to vote and what they might or might not want; to the socialists, these folks don’t matter, they are simply non-entities and only the socialists know what’s good for them.

    Socialists also argue that the “first past the post” system of British parliamentary tradition that Canada follows is not fair. Thus according to their reasoning even if the winning Party takes a majority of the seats but has a popular vote less than the combination of the other Parties “popular vote” percentage total the winner shouldn’t have the right to govern. Huh? This sour grapes left wing attitude reeks of the well -known, supreme rights socialist dogma that any means justifies their ends and not surprisingly, holding power tops their list of justifications.

    We’ve heard time and again that PM Harper’s proroguing of Parliament was illegal and a contempt of Parliament when the three stooges (Dion, Layton and Duceppe) attempted their coup to form a coalition a few years ago. In actuality, and this fact is never reported on by the Media Party or acknowledged by the Left Wing, Mr. Harper went to Governor General, Michelle Jean, with the proposition that since a major player in the coup was a separatist Party (recall that Duceppe held a plurality of Quebec seats at the time) espousing the break-up of Canada, it would be contrary to the will of Canadians to allow such a move; she agreed and history can judge her on that great democratic decision to enable the dissolution of Parliament as requested by our most conscientious Prime Minister.

    By comparison, the USA scenario is worth noting in this discussion because if the map of the USA is examined in the aftermath of Obama’s last election win it is very notable that a large majority of States went to the GOP; but despite this, due to the electoral system traditionally used to decide the winner, Obama and his Democratic Party prevailed. Given that the USA is often heralded as the bastion of democracy there may be a lesson in this.

    In my view a “coalition” would only be democratic if the amalgamation was an “all-party” entity. If the Party winning the most seats is ousted completely by some clandestine agreement of the other Parties to form a “coalition” as we saw in Ontario in the 80’s with the Peterson/Rae deal then what we have is a third world style coup not a true “coalition” as we see in countries like Israel. Further, to be truly democratic, an all-party coalition should have a shared executive and the Prime MInister should be the leader heading the Party winning most seats. To make this model a reality a constitutional amendment should be enacted with clear ground rules but I doubt we’ll ever see this happen in Canada.

  4. RUNNING DEFICITSFor the first time in history we have a Party planning to run not one but three consecutive deficits to the tune of many billions per year. The Liberal Party has put this plan on the table to invest in infrastructure; and this at a time when Canada is having a hard time coping with the collapse of the energy sector that makes up about 20% of our economy. Any such plan will of course make it virtually impossible to increase funding for critical programs such as health and education but this is not even considered by Mr. Trudeau’s shallow economic business plan. In a last ditch attempt to impress voters the Trudeau team elicited the help of former Mississauga Mayor, Hazel McCallion to do an ad supporting Trudeau’s plan which in effect wins the “irony of the year award” since the now retired Mayor left a legacy of balanced budgets and frugal fiscal management, the antithesis of Trudeau’s plan .

    Mr. Harper on the other hand will stay the course with balanced budgets whilst keeping taxes low and stabilizing family protection benefits such as universal child care payments. Mr. Mulcair says he’ll balance the budget as well but when you consider his totally unaffordable promise of government -paid-for day care it is readily apparent that he hasn’t costed his promises.

  5. REBIRTH OF THE FIREARMS FILEThe liberals like to talk about the politics of division and they should know the definition. Never in the history of Canada has a more divisive policy been forced on the country than Bill C68, The Firearms Act of 1995 brought in by the Chretien liberals. This heinous legislation pitted rural Canada against urban Canada and caused over 17 years of antagonism across the country until the Harper team was able to abolish the long gun registry (LGR) and make some other common sense changes. Now, with an election in play, both the liberals and NDP want to reinvent the wheel and continue this cynical divisiveness.

    Mulcair of course wins the chameleon of the year award given his flip-flop from supporting the LGR and now saying he wouldn’t bring it back. But at the same time his policy is to give Provinces and municipalities the authority to ban handguns even though he knows full well that no such authority can be so-delegated as it’s federal authority under the Criminal Code. Mulcair’s duplicity on this file is but one example of his untrustworthiness and his disregard for law-abiding firearm owners’ heritage rights that have come down through the generations and were fought for in two World Wars.

    Trudeau’s policy platform is to handcuff target shooters with needless paperwork by throwing out the Harper government’s recent amendments and bolster the bureaucracy to over-see records at dealerships that would in effect reinstitute a back door registry. As well, Trudeau plans to support the UN’s civil disarmament agenda disguised as the Arms Trade Treaty .He is in effect carrying on the philosophy espoused by Liberal mouthpiece commentators such as Warren Kinsella and the Toronto Star in their tirades against law-abiding gun owners’ rights.

    And guess who’s running as a star liberal candidate? None other than former Toronto Chief of Police Bill Blair is on the ticket. Remember him as the guy that strongly supported the LGR and wanted to ban handguns in Canada whilst riding on Paul Martin’s coattails and singing former Mayor Miller’s liberal rhapsody on gun control. When you consider former Toronto Police Chief Julian Fantino’s conclusion stating categorically that the LGR had not helped the Toronto PD solve one crime it’s rather a sad testament to a lack of common sense that this proliferation of anti-democratic liberalism is once again upon us.

    The recent Supreme Court decision to not allow Quebec to obtain the LGR database essentially put an end to this file given that the data is private, non-transferable under the law and the federal government was perfectly justified in destroying the data. But even so , in a recent twist, we now see the Privacy Commissioner trying to pry this data loose for what purpose God only knows but the liberals and NDP applaud her efforts. How ironical is that!

Ron P. Alton

Mon French Ce N’est Pas Bon

If you listen carefully to NDP leader Thomas Mulcair’s rantings over the potential Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement what you hear is the most unintelligible fear-mongering ever witnessed during a Canadian election. The man’s deliberate dishonesty in his attempt to dupe voters into thinking that the negotiations are some kind of diabolical plot on the part of the government are pathetic. In his vain attempt to portray the government as secretive and working to ruin Canada’s “supply management” system that works to shore up the dairy industry he deliberately fails to recognize the potential opportunity for a huge impetus to Canadian dairy and other agricultural product exports such as beef to lucrative markets within the participant twelve–country group; exports that don’t even happen now in the case of dairy products due to our home-grown production controls via Provincial marketing boards that tie production to Canadian demand. This could mean an expansion of Canada’s agricultural industry and the creation of thousands of jobs in perpetuity; but Mulcair is careful never to mention the upside that would logically outweigh any trade-offs. I think I hear an echo as he belted out the same sanctimonious screeches when the decision was made to change our Canadian Wheat Board system; and yet, as he eats crow on that take, given how beneficial it has been to western farmers, he is game to repeat his economic adolescence simply because his socialist ideology governs his actions, never facts.

It’s interesting that all the major trade pacts in our recent times that secure Canada’s economic future in an ever more competitive global economy have been negotiated by Conservative governments including NAFTA under Mr. Mulroney and now the European Union and Trans-Pacific under Mr. Harper. I recall Jean Chretien said he’d abolish NAFA, a purely false election ploy whilst knowing full well it would have major benefits to Canada in the long run. And now the beat goes on with Mulcair’s hysteria with young Trudeau, to his credit, even though he’s “not ready” as we all know, showing some smarts for a change by not following Chretien’s example. The expertise of Canada’s TPP negotiating team under International Trade Minister, Ed Fast, is second to none employing a talented multi-disciplinary group totally in sync with the various economic sectors. As well, the Minister’s sensitivity to Canadian farming interests is at the top of Canada’s priorities as witnessed by the proposal to put in place a program to compensate farmers for any losses and protect their income levels. Unfortunately for Canadians looking in, all the hard work on this file by our diligent team of negotiators at this table of complexities that takes in forty percent of the world’s economy gets no credit from Canada’s leading left-winger and that makes him a loser in the eyes of most. I say that because if you cannot show some humility and genuine magnanimity in the face of the obvious, especially when it’s a subject critical to your country’s future, then you simply are not qualified to fill the office of Prime Minister. In my view Mulcair’s hubristic behaviour in this situation is the epitome of the perfect political perfidy!

As Mulcair’s catatonic caterwauling drones on, he hides three important facts:

First, he purposely fails to reveal that any such tentative trade deal, according to the Canadian Constitution must be vetted by Parliament and bring in all relevant input from stakeholders. Thus the normal course of business will bring the proposal to the House of Commons for debate in the next Parliament.

Second, is the fact that Canada has been a player at the TPP negotiating table for some years now thus contrary to his dishonest, tongue-in-cheek, diabolical electioneering plot claim, the timing of the current session is completely out of the control of our government so it’s simply coincidence that it’s happening during our election.

And third, he keeps yip yapping with accusations that “Mr. Harper refuses to show us the detailed text of the agreement”, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, the reprise from his echo chamber is an insult to all Canadians since he knows full well that the agreement in principle, now in draft form, is required to go through the legal departments of all the countries party to it; and, that the legal text will take some time to be written and agreed upon before it’s made public. It’s a better socialist hymn-sing for Mulcair to deliberately lie to the Canadian public than to show even a modicum of intelligence and explain to his followers what is actually happening.

In his hare-brained, shrieking diatribes over this, which only mirrors his immature image as a worn-out, career politician during Question Period in the House of Commons that Canadians have found boringly bellicose and the antithesis of the appropriate demeanour of wannabe prime ministers, Mulcair has in effect nominated himself as a candidate for the leading hysteric of the year award. And as usual Mulcair plays on his assumption that Canadians are so dumb as to not see through his spurious claims as he spews out his unprecedented, very personal vitriol towards our Prime Minister. A more vituperative leader of any Canadian political persuasion has never been witnessed in Canada and that’s why mes amis don la belle Province will turf him out as he’s no “gentleman Jack”, actually he’s more akin to “la derriere” kind. Pardon mes amis, mon French ce n’est pas bon!

Ron P. Alton

Judgement Day for Journalism and Political Posturing

September 3, 2015 marks an all-time low point in Canadian journalism and political posturing. That day we witnessed serious exploitation of the story of a migrant family from Syria that met disaster whilst leaving the friendly shores of Turkey on a crowded smuggler’s boat attempting to reach the shores of Greece, the young mom and her two children losing their life by drowning in rough seas, the dad being the sole survivor. Not only did CTV and CBC cross the bounds of decency when they showed not once, but repeatedly, a graphic picture of the drowned little boy, 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi, lying face down on the wave swept beach in Turkey; even worse, they willingly, without question it would seem, took for granted as legitimate what appeared to be a staged photo session by a Turkish news agency. If not staged then maybe they can explain how the photographer and video team got there ahead of a normal paramedic emergency rescue team attempting to revive the boy, a team that would have removed the body immediately after making all efforts to resuscitate him. After all, the Republic of Turkey is working at becoming a fairly modern democracy, is a member of NATO and the G20, and is currently negotiating EU membership; and Turkey also has an advanced medical and health services system, so it’s hard to believe that emergency response was absent on the shore that day. I wonder how long the little guy had to lay there while this so-called “news agency” got their cameras all set up, took the still shots and then had the officer rush in and pick the little fellow up for their video camera shoot? Even accepting a picture such as that in these circumstances from another that clicked the shutter is just as bad as doing the sickening photo op with your own people. Shame on CTV and shame on CBC. It’s rotten journalism. Are we so desperate to illustrate the plight of peoples from war-ravaged countries that we need to resort to such tactics? Ask yourself, if you were the surviving dad or the little boy’s aunt in Canada would you want that picture blasted all over the media? Canadian values dictate the answer. We don’t need or want Hollywood moments like this in Canada!

There needs to be accountability here. In situations like this, when something smells like a rat, perhaps the CRTC should step in and investigate and admonish “newscasters” when they exceed the bounds of criteria defining decrepit, unacceptable broadcasting. In addition to trying to further world support for refugees, a legitimate goal supported by all Canadians, our two main networks used this story to in effect aggrandize their politically partisan broadcast that night in the midst of a federal election. What a juicy story to enable stone throwing at Canada’s immigration policy. After all, to them, the nightly news is only a show with sponsors paying the toll. Lisa Laflamme’s effort on CTV that night, supported by her Ottawa bureau, even outdid the CBC’s spectacle with Wendy Mesley sitting in for her Ex accompanied by their redundant “political panel”, and that’s going some! I’ve been offended before by the tactics of both CTV and CBC but never so much!

This tragedy, being coincidental with the Federal election, saw both Mr. Mulcair and Mr. Trudeau quick to leap to the fore in the face of the horror of the moment to take advantage of the supposed political points they could score on the backs of the grieving family. Was it disgusting posture? Absolutely. I mean jumping up to a podium at a moment like this to try and disparage the sitting government that way is not only sick, it’s the stuff that makes thinking people dislike politicians. Politics in Canada has never been more obnoxious. Do they really think Canadian voters are idiots that can’t see through their ruse? Trudeau’s comments painting himself as the sole possessor of compassion was pathetic. Who is he trying to kid? Does this boy ever think before he speaks? He seems to be a nice young fellow at times but makes it crystal clear that no genetic aptitude transfer has come down the line. As for Mulcair, his puffy pontificating is the stuff of cartoonist fodder, he’s good at that; and his vitriol-masking, smarmy smile resembles someone with BPH suffering the side effects of Tamsulosin meds with a painful four hour erection.

Of course the punch line for the Opposition Party leaders that night, using the horrific picture of that drowned little boy on the beach as a prop, was castigation of the federal government for not having a more expeditious process in place to bring refugees into Canada. It wouldn’t matter what rules were in place for these guys to criticize the status quo, that’s political gamesmanship, we understand that; but where were they months ago with their refugee policy platform? To use the backdrop of the body of that little boy as their grandstand banner for their sudden policy announcement is unacceptable. Shame on them; they should apologize to the grieving family and to all Canadians. Actually, their targeted tragedy marksmanship employed faulty crosshairs as it was only this little boy’s uncle that had filed for refugee status a while ago, unfortunately for him, via somebody that screwed up the paperwork. Nothing had been filed for others in the family. All Canadians agree that we need to do everything possible to help the Syrian refugee crisis. The unreported fact is that Canada has a very robust policy in place to process refugee applications in spite of the onerous screening needed in a terrorist-riddled world; a process that was enhanced not long ago and that the vast majority of Canadians approve of as it speaks to both fairness and security. Also relevant is the fact that the targeted level for Syrian refugees to gain entry to Canada was raised by several thousand some time ago. Additionally, Canada averages about a quarter million immigrants annually, has done so for several years now. But heck, why mention any of those facts when there’s an election going on, better to play the electorate as fools that will believe anything you tell them. And that’s the irony here as all Trudeau and Mulcair did in this charade, along with their Media Party buddies, was insult the intelligence of all Canadians.

Ron P. Alton